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Christine Young

Christine is a super connector and having a blast curating the Dog Lovers Club with Laura.

Christine is the founder of The Puppy Care Company. She has been in the Pet and Equine Industry for 20+ years. She is passionate about education for new dog owners before and after they bring a dog home. She specializes in RECALL training so that every dog can learn to COME when called the first time... and every time!

Pekoe is her 5 year old American Shepherd. He scales to new heights every time they go hiking. Parkour is his favorite activity. Recall is his Super Power

Laura Nativo

Laura is a dog trainer, entrepreneur, sometimes tv personality, and proud mom to celebrity dog movie stars, Penelope Supafly & Delilah Jane Sassafras!

Laura is the founder of Nativo Pet Family, and creator of NumNums training treats. She is passionate about training to support the human-canine connection, and especially loves clicker training advanced skills for tv/film, therapy and service dogs. 

You may have seen her on CBS’ Greatest American Dog, GSN’s Dog Park Superstars, Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family… and she just wrapped hosting a new tv series, Dog Masters, that’s coming soon!

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